The 3rd "English week" - Apr2019


This time, the number of children who were interested in taking part, made it possible to create two groups of students. They spent the English week with two English teachers, Morgan from the USA and Charles from the UK. The teachers switched the two groups every 3 lessons and the classes were full of action. In addition to enjoying bunches of speaking activities and word games, our students also learnt a lot of new and interesting facts on the USA and the Great Britain, which were presented in the form of presentations, quizes and competitions.

This year, group of participants also involved some students from the 5th class. According to the reactions full of enthusiasm, the event was of a great success and students are looking forward to another English week at our school, which could hopefully be held during the next school year.

I would like to thank to all parents who allowed their children to participate and thus to supported this project.

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